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donnie >> jennifer: i'm jennifer grandholm tonight in "the war room" a one-hour therapy session for weary progressives. all right. let's get a grip, i know between the polls and that formatted political discussion which shall not be mentioned, buck up. seriously the next good idea either of them have will be their first. we have the better candidates the better issues heck we even have the better signs. let's settle down and remember
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who we are dealing with. >> big bird. >> big bird. >> big bird. >> it's me big bird. [♪ theme music ♪] >> jennifer: all right. mitt romney is still riding high off of his debate performance last week, a rash of new polls confirming that the momentum is really in his favor. seven new polls show the race has gotten extremely tight. and this coming after a pew pole yesterday which left some democrats pretty shaken up myself included. showed romney up by a full four points. the numbers both campaigns are really going to be looking at are the ones coming out of the swing states. both candidates are back on the trail, and ohio, the picture there has changed as well.
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the president leads in ohio by just barely by four points. he was up to eight points last week. et too ohio? and they are tied in nevada at 47, in colorado romney has a four-point lead, in pennsylvania where the president had a 12 point lead three weeks ago, he now released by just three points. so how concerned should we be? well, before we all have a collective panic attack let's turn to the great nate silver. the "new york times" polling guru who last time around correctly predicting 49 out of 50 states. he says the president still has at 71.4% chance of winning.
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the president's reelection still looks like a very good chance. here to talk about how to get our mojo back is the house minority leader, nancy pelosi. thank you so much for coming back. how bad is it? >> we don't agonize we organize. >> jennifer: that's what i'm talking about. >> get out there and fight. i notice what the polls talk about are the likely voters. in ohio it's four points amongst likely voters and ten points among registered points. >> jennifer: so that speaks to the ground game right. >> that's right. [ laughter ] >> neighborhood by neighborhood precinct by precinct district by district to just pull out
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that vote. >> jennifer: let's talk about your impression of this. last night the president was here in san francisco at a fund raiser, and he has been doing an awful lot of that. the fund raiser -- the president has held more fund raisers than the previous five presidents combined. he has had to do one fund raiser every 61 hours. what kind of a toll do you think that takes on somebody? >> someone who has a day job of being the most powerful person in the world, it's a big toll. and that's why i have to dare to reduce the amount of money, overturn citizens united's let reform. disclose on barack obama on i approve this message. we have to say it, but mr. big bucks with hundreds of millions of dollars in the campaign they
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go anonymously. >> jennifer: right these candidates -- these campaigns become more and more difficult because of the amount of money out there required to be raised and obviously we all want to see citizens united overturned. you know the president really well obviously. and you know what a competitor he is. how do you account for what happened the other night. >> i was in the room and it was more even. i thought it was okay. i thought he got the ball over the net, and it was okay but then when i left to go speak to a rally, and saw a debate watch party's mood i realized something was different. but you know what that was then, this is now. we have to go to use the president's word, forward. i'm very confident joe biden
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will do a good job. >> jennifer: talk about that. you obviously know paul ryan well. >> i don't know him well but i know about him. but i would say one word to the biden women. women. talking about affordable health care lilly ledbetter equal pay, i really think the divide among single women for the president is like 25 30 points and we have to have married women in that category as well, but i think it's really important. joe biden has been a champion when he served as chair of the judiciary committee, we was the author of the violence against women act, which paul ryan voted against. whether it's a women's right to choose, paul ryan is exactly
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like todd akin in terms of forcible rate, and no abortion even if the life of the mother is at steak. he is very extreme on those issues, and people have to know that. >> jennifer: that's interesting, because the gender gap closed in a few of these polls that we saw nationwide, and perhaps it was because that issue was not raised at all in the debate. this gives an opportunity for the vice president to really show their side for what they really. you actually were raised in the debate, as you were sitting there listening to mitt romney. i want to play just that sound bite. >> romney: first of all, i like the way we did it in massachusetts. we had republicans and democrats come together and work together. what you did instead was to push through a plan without a single republican vote, instead of
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bringing america together, you pushed through something that you and nancy pelosi and harry reid felt was the best answer and drove it through. >> jennifer: you are sitting there listening to that. >> uh-huh. it fits comfortably among his other misrepresentations. we went through three committees, the president offered about 100 amendments some were accepted, some were rejected. the republicans made the decision they were not going to vote for the bill no matter what it was. we had a very diverse caucus we had to weave a very careful cloth of what we were doing how it would impact different regions of the country, and
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either he didn't know or didn't care to say such a thing. but as i say it was appropriate, because three times he misrepresented about medicare the $700 billion -- >> jennifer: oh yeah. >> it was almost biblical. >> jennifer: i think there were even a couple of more in there -- >> and the fact is this is something we have to fight, because if these people win medicare as we know it will be gone. that is what is in their budget and what they voted for six times the ryan budget, and that's on the ballot. >> jennifer: so he says as well as -- you know as the affordable care act is on the bat -- ballot as well. you have president romney i know you have discounted that
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possibility, but he keeps saying, it is the first thing he repeals what does the house democratic caucus do? >> we believe -- it wasn't everything i wanted. this was a compromise which really captured as the president indicated the individual mandate, which was a republican initiative, which was the exchanges, which were republican initiatives, so he would be rejecting what he had himself put forth in massachusetts, but i say, again, he is not going to be president, but nonetheless i would be something that i think has to be taken to the public. there is a great deal at risk for them to lose the affordable care act. >> jennifer: there is a lot of discussion even with romney himself saying he would sit down with the leaders to try to forge compromise, is there anything in what he has said that would lead you to believe that would be a
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successful outreach? >> i think every president should do that. but this speculation is so remote. the president is going to win. four weeks from today we will have the election four weeks from tomorrow morning, we'll have no regrets. if there's anything that came out of the debate it was to say that we all have to do everything in our power to make sure the president wins and the senate holds and perhaps grows in numbers, and that we win the house and in doing so send a clear message. because if there is validation of their position it will take us to a period before lyndon johnson on medicare and how that effects seniors and their families, and their financial well-being. >> jennifer: i tomed told you guys this would be a therapy session. you heard it here. the president is going to win reelection, fear not.
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but that doesn't mean you sit on your laurels. >> no. >> jennifer: we have to act and organize. just a word quickly about the vice president. some people have been making noise that they are concerned about gaffes being said at the debate. you are not concerned about any of that? >> it amazing me when people get so concerned about a gaffe, when in denver all we heard was misrepresentations, some people would call them lies. i think that's set the president back a bit. but also that he either doesn't know the facts or has decided to ignore them, so to make a big deal out of a gaffe, we could make a big deal out of the deception. >> jennifer: all right. democratic leader, nancy pelosi
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and up reflect it's not the championship fight but the vice president debates do tend to provide more knockdowns. >> senator you are no ted kennedy. >> jennifer: seriously that never gets old. any more boxing metaphors. let myth be mitt is the battle try, and later from the absurd to the just plain ridiculous the latest on big bird gate it's tuesday night, and we are ready to get off it. this is "the war room," we'll be right back. do you share the sense of outrage that they're doing this, this corruption based on corruption based on corruption. >>i think that's an understatement, eliot. u>> i'm not prone tot. understatement, so explain to me why that is.
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we're getting closer and closer to victory, and it would be a travesty if we quit now in iraq. >> senator? >> with all do respect, barack obama has offered a clear plan ship responsibility to the iraqis over the next 16 months draw down our combat troops. >> jennifer: well that was then delaware senator debating then alaska governor sarah palin in october 2008 and prior to their
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faceoff a lot of pundits predicted we would have a gaffe moment. but they were wrong. the self proclaimed young went of the republican party is a poll wonk. but he is a very likable guy. and coming to us tonight with a preview of romney versus ryan is kiki mcclain. welcome back inside "the war room." >> glad to be here governor. >> jennifer: all right. i am predicting we'll see a different strategy from joe biden in this debate do you agree? >> yeah, i do, and i think it has to do with both personality and the role the vice president plays. the game is not to just beat up each other and see who coming
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outstanding, success will be the team that moves their candidate's message forward. and that's joe biden's job. and feel free to drive that wedge between the truth and what mr. ryan has to say. >> jennifer: i think there are a lot of wedges or air that can be exposed between, for example, paul ryan and mitt romney. paul ryan's budget, huge opportunity, and of course the lies that paul ryan himself has uttered like in his convention speech. biden is not going to sit back and take that i assume. >> no, i don't think so. and i think people will be watching for daylight between paul ryan and mitt romney. paul ryan not wanting to drag his own career down with this guy who has been kind of on the losingen of the stick. we saw that happen with mccain
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and palin, right. somebody wanting to make their own career at the expense of someone else's. but joe biden is a thoughtful man, an experienced leader and he is committed to his partner in this, president obama. here is the other thing, joe biden is a heck of a story teller. his gaffes come with a lot of affection, because they are usually in the telling of a really important human story. >> jennifer: i agree with you. but do you go along with the convention wisdom that this debate matters so much more in light of the president's less than stellar performance at last week's debate? >> no, i don't at all. any light that it shines on particular policy differences, because at the end of the day we know there's a real choice to be made between these two
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campaigns, one fighting to grow the middle class and one that wants to go back to the way it was before that kind of got us in this mess in the fist place. this is not a make or break deal, but it is a very important conversation. and vice president biden has a really important role. and frankly i think mr. ryan is going to have a lot of explaining to do. >> jennifer: i think he is too. i, like so many other progressives want to see joe take the gloves off and not just stand by when a falsehood is uttered. that's a lot you have got to roll into one debate. a lot of complex issues that you have to navigate to be successful. i want to play you a sound bite where a michigan reporter asked
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paul ryan how to drop crime in the cities when there will be tax cuts. >> those are your words not mine. >> thank you very much sir. >> yeah. >> that was kind of strange, put words in people's mouths. >> jennifer: to put this in context, he is being asked in flint, michigan which has a huge crime problem and has been under a emergency financial manager, so a reporter asks are tax cuts basically going to resolve the crime issues? paul ryan did not want to be asked that question. he does not want to be put on the spot. so that's maybe just one window on what his response will be when he is pressed. >> you can't be a global leader and be a successful one with thin skin. leadership means not taking it
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personally, but dealing with the real issues. the question that reporting asked was about the quality of people's lives right there in flint, michigan, and the vice presidential wanna be was not willing to address that. and when people show that side of themselves their leadership potential gets smaller and smaller. >> jennifer: i agree, you talked about the difference between these two candidates -- between the two races, really, the two tickets. both vice president biden and congressman paul ryan can be policy wonks and there might be a chance this could delve into a boring college lecture, when really i believe what people want to hear is a vision. do you have a worry that that's in fact what is going to happen? is that it is going to be too
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wonkey? >> i don't because of who joe biden is. one of the great things about joe biden is his feel for working-class americans. and he has always been behind the work he has done. he is a great intellectual, he really understands policy. it's why the president values him so but this is the guy who knows the street he knows what it is like to be in the neighborhoods, so i expect to have a real conversation with him as a viewer about what that policy means every day in our lives. >> jennifer: last question just real quickly do you think the ryan advisors are worried about the foreign policy aspect of the debate, which is an area that paul ryan doesn't have a lot of experience in? >> if they aren't they should be, because it is certainly something that vice president bide biden has great deal of
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expertise in. and one of the most compelling wants or needs in a president is their ability to step immediately into those shoes moving forward. if you look back at some of our most successful vice presidents vice president gore who was in fact very well schooled in foreign policy issues when he joined up with then governor clinton on that ticket. that's an importants a tribute. >> jennifer: one thing he is disciplined, and my guess is he is boning up on every bit of foreign policy that he can. kiki thank you to suchmor joining us inside "the war room." up next how is mitt romney's momentum, and i really hate even saying that -- how is that momentum translating in swing states? we'll get the latest on the ground, that is next only in "the war room."
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you will not want to miss it. commentary. >> was this the game changer? is this going to change the dynamic? (vo) the only network with real-time reaction straight from the campaigns and from viewers like you. >> so keep on tweeting and maybe you'll have your voice be part of this democracy and see your tweets up on our screen. >>now that's politically direct. ♪ ♪ ♪ we were skipping stones ♪ ♪ and letting go ♪ ♪ over the river and down the road ♪ [ female announcer ] at nature valley we know nature comes together in amazing ways. that's why we bring together natural ingredients, like dark chocolate with toasted oats, or sweet golden honey. perfect combinations of nature's delicious ingredients from nature valley. ♪ ♪ ♪ i was thinking that i hope this never ends ♪ [ female announcer ] nature valley granola bars nature at its most delicious.
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